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Good Mechanical Bull Reviews = A Great Product

Don’t Believe Us – Believe Our Customers!

At Mechanical Bull Sales, we’re not only thankful for having the best customers in the world, we’re glad that they want to tell you about us, too. Purchasing a mechanical bull is a pretty big investment for business owners, and it’s only fair that you get the truth about MBS and other mechanical bull sellers before you make a decision.

Our customer reviews say it’s the best way to entertain your bar patrons

“We paid off the investment in the bull in the first year. It was magic. The bull riders experience was so great they recommend it to friends, it doesn’t leave bruises as much as the older bull making it [friendly for all] and its multiple ranges of motion makes it a great challenge for seasoned riders.”
Dirty Dog Saloon – Hamilton

Mechanical Bull Sales only sells high-quality mechanical bulls and bull accessories to our customers. Bar and restaurant owners across the world are realizing the attraction of having one of these rides in their establishment and MBS wants to bring the “magic” of a mechanical bull to your bar!

Bar patrons love mechanical bull rides for the competition and entertainment to relax and unwind after a long work week.PIC12jpg

We have the safest bulls on the market – a great investment for party rental companies!

“We run this bull in eight states and there’s no comparison with hydraulic bulls. This bull bucks plenty hard, but the best thing is that it is the safest one on the market. We’ve had no injuries and have done over 20,000 rides! I would recommend this product to anyone. Thanks Mechanical Bull Sales for the product and more for the service after the sale. We will be wanting another one soon!”
8 Seconds Productions, LLC

A mechanical bull from Mechanical Bull Sales offers top safety features you can’t beat! A rental company’s main priority is to make sure their equipment is safe for as wide a variety of ages as possible. The last thing you want is for someone to injure themselves on your equipment when it could have been preventable.

We’ll tell you that we have the safest equipment available on the market, today. But our customers will tell you that it’s true!

If our mechanical bulls don’t sell you, our customer service will!

“I wanted to thank you for your all your help in my process of purchasing a mechanical bull, you contacted me within minutes of my first email to your company and you gave me tons of information about your bull as well as the other companies out there that sell mechanical bulls. Ultimately the time you spent on the phone and emails with me resulted in my decision to purchase one of your mechanical bulls, I knew that your customer service was “top notch”. I couldn’t commit to buying the bull right away as there were many factors involved with my nightclub changing over from a Dance Nightclub to a Country Nightclub, and Gracienne was VERY understanding and was not “pushy” for me to buy from her company at all.”
Darrell T.

That’s right – our mechanical bulls might not be the best part of MBS. It’s our customer service! All of our customers enjoy the service they receive from Gracienne and the rest of the Mechanical Bull Sales team from day one.

A company who tells you they never have a problem with their products is not a reputable company. What a reputable company should have, however, is an all-star customer service team that prioritizes the customer above all else. According to our customers, that’s exactly what MBS does!

But like we said before, don’t take our word for it, ask our customers! Read our full list of mechanical bull testimonials here.

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