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Safety and Training

mattress_loops2When you buy a bull from Mechanical Bull Sales, you can be sure that you are receiving a safe, quality product. The speed variations allow anyone to safely participate from ages 3 to 63 and beyond! Although you may feel like you are on a real bull, we assure you, you will be very safe!

  • The padded head and horns of the bull make it very soft.
  • We use a rope to hold on to rather than a metal post that may be dangerous.
  • We always recommend that you leave the air blower on the entire time people are riding! This will provide a fully inflated, soft mattress to land on.
  • Our Pro-Series Controller is state-of-the-art. It offers unparalleled control and unequalled safeguards in mechanical bull operation

Mechanical Bull Safety Tips

Mechanical Bulls can be very safe but they can also be very dangerous depending on if you are following safety tips properly. Here are some mechanical bull safety tips that can help you make sure that riders stay safe on your mechanical bull.

  1. Make sure that the bull is operated by an attendant that understands how to safely operate the bull and knows the rider restrictions. Younger children can safely ride the bull as long as the operator knows how to control the movement to keep the bull from bucking the child violently.
  2. Make sure that the inflatable padding surrounding the bull does not have any gaps in which the rider could fall and injure themselves. It is especially important to make sure that the support beams of the mechanical bull are properly covered.
  3. You should never let intoxicated persons ride the bull.
  4. Never let more than one person ride the mechanical bull at one time. If a child is not big enough to ride the bull by themselves they should not be riding the bull at all, even with a parent.
  5. Make sure that cords are properly covered or secured down so that no one can trip and make sure that you have the bull plugged into the correct type of outlet.
  6. Regularly inspect your bull for damage or malfunction.
  7. Make sure that the area surrounding the bull setup is free of objects that could harm the rider in case they are thrown of the inflatable padding.
  8. Your bull should not have any sharp horns and the head should be soft.
  9. These safety tips can drastically reduce the risk of accidents on your mechanical bull. However, even with the strictest safety accidents can happen.
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