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Buying A New vs Used Mechanical Bull

Whether you are in the rental business or operate a bar or restaurant, a mechanical bull would be an excellent addition to your business and something your customers will enjoy. One of the most popular questions we hear is whether buying a used mechanical bull is worthy option. While the idea of getting a used mechanical bull might be inviting, the truth is that it won’t save you as much as you think.

In fact, it could cost you more.



Bull Options and Accessories

When you purchase a mechanical bull, there are different packages, options and accessories that you can include. For example, maybe you want to have 20 preset rides instead of having to use a small control panel. Other options such as speakers and music and video input will also be hard to find when shopping for a used mechanical bull. When you go with a used mechanical bull, you are at the mercy of inventory available to you.

Another option is to try and find compatible parts to include the options that you want for the used bull. However, at that point, you might as well have purchased one of our new mechanical bull packages and received exactly what you wanted from the very beginning.

Mechanical Bull Warranty

As it is with any mechanical item, something that worked fine one day might all of sudden not work another day. When you purchase one of our new mechanical bulls, you receive a three-year warranty or 1500 hours of runtime from the date your bull was delivered.

Don’t expect the same kind of backing with a used mechanical bull. And when something does go wrong with the used mechanical bull, who will be standing behind it to help you fix it?  We have phone and email support available to help you if you run into a problem.

Unlike one of our new mechanical bulls, the used bull is probably out of warrantee and you won’t have an expert on that bull to call.

Mechanical Bull Technology

Just like every other industry, mechanical bull technology changes and improves. Not only can a used mechanical bull be using old technology, that technology might not be as safe as the new technology. How can you expect to run a first-class business using second-class technology?

The use of older technology could also hamper the eligibility of a used mechanical bull to be insured.

A Used Mechanical Bull Doesn’t Pay Off

When you put it all together, after finding the right mechanical bull with the options you want, piecing together accessories along with possible maintenance issues, you really aren’t saving much by buying a used mechanical bull.

Check out our mechanical bull packages, call 814-240-4384, or email us if you more questions.

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