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First Class Bull Package

Product Description

The 1st Class package is our guaranteed good time package, comes with everything you need and more!

Pro-Series control panel: with LED touchscreen display and 20 Pre-set rides.

Touch Panel Display: For use in the Automatic Mode, the Touch Panel Display is where the operator can choose the level and ride the contestant wishes to pursue. Such as:

  1. Novice: easiest mode, best for beginners; contains 5 different programmed rides
  2. Intermediate: contains 5 different programmed rides
  3. Advanced: hardest mode for professional competition; contains 5 different programmed rides
  4. Sexy: slow, rhythmic level containing 5 programmed ride

Scoreboard: So your rider can see their score while they are riding!

110 Volt or 220 Volt?: This bull is available in both 220 volt and dual voltage options. choose the model that is best for your business and your region.

Music Input/Amplifier: Superb sound is derived from the extremely low distortion, “high headroom” design. State-of-the-art, low noise, balanced XLR preamps from our Concert Series mixers provide common mode rejection of better than 78 dB, which means that any noise that may come over your cables is virtually eliminated. Distortion is nearly non-existent with THD below 0.1% from input to output, guaranteeing the purity of your sound. Hear the difference – your sound will not seem sterile or processed. It will be dynamically open and transparent just like it was meant to be! Use your computer or smartphone. Built to last!

Video Input: If you would like to run a DVD player you can utilize the great sound from your Carvin sound mixer by simply plugging in your video RCA into the input, and plugging your TV into the output.
2 Speakers with Stand: These two speakers provide ultimate, and clear sound.
2 Microphones: Speak easy with the top of the line microphones that allow great sound for your rider and your crowd.

Bull Body with Head made with real cowhide for a realistic feel and look.

Standard Red Mattress: Can come in round or square, any color by request and a logo for an additional cost.

Additional Items:
Air Blower
Wooden Base
Bull Simulator

Additional Information


220 Volt, Dual voltage


Bison, Full Sized Bull, Miniature Bull, Ram, Wild Boar

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First Class Bull Package

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