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Pro Series Controller

Product Description

Most Technologically Advanced Bulls

MBS’ Pro-Series control panel is top of the line and built to last.  It can be configured to provide the industry leading 20 different pre-set motions (electronically programing the bull to have a set movement). There are 10 pre-sets motions each in categories of Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced allowing a fun safe ride regardless whether your client is a child or an experienced bull rider. In addition, there are 5 pre-set motions in the category of Sexy that provide a shimmy and shake popular with the nightclubs.

Pro Series options:

Pro-Series Control Panel: Manual – this version is included with the classic bull package.  Its our top of the line control panel however the “manual” version does not include the 20 pre-set rides, timer or optional speakers.

Pro-Series Control Panel w 20 Pre-Set rides – At MBS, we strongly recommend adding the pre-set rides with your control panel. This is included on both the premium and first class bull package.  With the 20 pre-set rides and built in timer, it makes operating your bull a snap.

Pro-Series Control Panel w Mic and Speakers – For event rental purchases and people who plan to take their bull on the road, this option is ideal.  It is included with our first class bull package and includes: music input, video input, 2 microphones and 2 speakers.  (shown below)





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