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Our 220 Volt Premium Package comes with:

Pro-Series control panel: Includes a touchscreen with 20 Preset rides and a LED timer display.

Touch Panel Display: For use in the Automatic Mode, the Touch Panel Display is where the operator can choose the level and ride the contestant wishes to pursue. Such as:

  1. Beginner: easiest mode, best for beginners; contains 5 different programmed rides
  2. Intermediate: contains 5 different programmed rides
  3. Advanced: hardest mode for professional competition; contains 5 different programmed rides
  4. Sexy: slow, rhythmic level containing 5 programmed ride

Timer Display: Shows the rider their score while they are riding during a preset auto ride.

Bull Body with Head: Made with the highest quality of materials for a realistic feel and look.  The head and horns are made of a dense foam and the all steel frame body is wrapped in 2” of padding for extra protection.

Air Mattress: 16’ x 16’ Red or Black Mattress (available in round or square) are double stitched and double sewn, and use two layers of 18 oz vinyl, California fire approved.  Comes with a 6″ thick donut and padded cover to surround the motor/motion base.

Motion Base: Our patented motion base is designed with our industry-exclusive realistic and natural elliptical orbit that throws the rider off to the sides and not over the head and includes a 3.0hp electric motor which provides ample power for riders of most sizes or experience.

Wooden Base: The motion base mounts to this sturdy 34″ x 69″ x 2″ wooden base.

Note: Any color by request and artwork/logo for an additional cost

What’s Included:


110 volt 1 hp Kodiak Blower


34 x 69 x 2 inch wooden base

Foam Donut



ProSeries with 20 Pre-set rides


3.0 hp electric motor which provides ample power for riders of most sizes or experience.

Air Mattress

Standard 16'x16' Mattress

Full-Size Bull

Made with real cowhide layered over a heavily cushioned steal frame for durability.