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At Mechanical Bull Sales, we know that purchasing a Mechanical Bull is a big investment in your time, money, and trust. The quality of our product is only outmatched by the quality of our service. At Mechanical Bull Sales, we promise you the highest quality Mechanical Bull in the industry backed by the highest level of customer service and technical support.

  • Made in the USA!

  • Patented to be the safest Mechanical Bull in the market

  • THREE (3) WARRANTY on control panel and motion base!

  • FREE Technical Support seven (7) days a week during warranty

  • World Wide Sales & Experience

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SAFEST MECHANICAL BULL IN THE MARKET! Due to our patented bucking motion, our system doesn’t throw the rider forward where they risk head, neck, or back injuries; the rider can fall safely to the side of the bull. Made right here in Pennsylvania with real steel (no fiberglass anywhere) and engineered to last a lifetime, a simpler design means easier maintenance!

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Our relationship with (MBS) has been outstanding.  We worked with Gracienne and her team to create a custom mattress that matched our brand, was safe, and durable.  The mechanical bull itself has been very reliable and requires little maintenance.

We have 14 attractions in our park and demand for the bull is very high, being one of our top 5 attractions and helping to differentiate our park from others in the area.  Our pricing model is a ‘one price for everything’ model so it is not possible to discern a specific ROI for any specific attraction.  We will certainly be purchasing another bull from MBS for our next park.

Jon A. Cox - Owner, Big Air USA

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mechanical Bull Sales for making a great product and standing behind it 100%. Our company has put this product to the test in the past year. We had a problem with the first bull body due to a production flaw in material. Gracienne recognized the flaw and sent a brand new bull body to us in 5 days! I am pretty sure that would not happen with any other bull company. They are easy to talk to and they will always answer your calls. We run this bull in eight states and there’s no comparison with hydraulic bulls. This bull bucks plenty hard, but the best thing is that it is the safest one on the market. We’ve had no injuries and have done over 20,000 rides! I would recommend this product to anyone. Thanks Mechanical Bull Sales for the product and more for the service after the sale. We will be wanting another one soon!

Russell Harrington, 8 Seconds Productions, LLC

I wanted to thank you for your all your help in my process of purchasing a mechanical bull, you contacted me within minutes of my first email to your company and you gave me tons of information about your bull as well as the other companies out there that sell mechanical bulls. Ultimately the time you spent on the phone and emails with me resulted in my decision to purchase one of your mechanical bulls, I knew that your customer service was “top notch”. I couldn’t commit to buying the bull right away as there were many factors involved with my nightclub changing over from a Dance Nightclub to a Country Nightclub, and Gracienne was VERY understanding and was not “pushy” for me to buy from her company at all. Finally, everything got settled and I was able to move forward with purchasing a mechanical and all I can tell you is that her Bulls are THE BEST I’ve ever seen or rode, the Bull is beautiful I’ve only had it 2 weeks and people are loving it, my business has tripled and there’s NO other Mechanical Bull out there I would buy…Gracienne is great and I can’t express my satisfaction with the Bull and her customer service…PS. Everything you get is “top notch”, the matt, controller, blower and of course, THE BULL itself, its sooooo realistic…I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done.

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Experience The Best Mechanical Bull in the World

Experience The Best Mechanical Bull in the World

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