At Mechanical Bull Sales we promise you the highest quality Mechanical Bull in the industry backed by the highest level of customer service and technical support.  Our team is here to help you before and (perhaps more importantly) after each sale. A trustworthy company with more than 16 years experience selling our bulls

Made in the USA!

Every part of our bull is made in the USA


Due to our patented bucking motion, our system doesn’t throw the rider forward where they risk breaking their back or neck; the rider can fall safely to the side of the bull, no other bull has that safety feature. The way the bucking and spinning motion is integrated into one makes the ride more realistic & closer to a real bull. No slippery fiberglass saddles. Riders appreciate the look of the bull and are more likely to share it on social media.


On control panel and motion base or 1500 hours of runtime on the control panel and motion base from the date of delivery.

No BS warranty!

MBS has a no BS warranty! If you’re told that their bulls come with a 5 year warranty, make sure they are telling you that you have to ship it back to them every year for service-at your cost! At MBS, there is no need to ship it back for our warranty to be valid.

FREE Technical Support

FREE Technical Support seven (7) days a week.  Whether you call our technical support phone line or put in a troubleshooting ticket through our website, our techs are here to help.

Mechanical Bull Rentals

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