Our relationship with mechanicalbullsales.com (MBS) has been outstanding.  We worked with Gracienne and her team to create a custom mattress that matched our brand, was safe, and durable.  The mechanical bull itself has been very reliable and requires little maintenance.

We have 14 attractions in our park and demand for the bull is very high, being one of our top 5 attractions and helping to differentiate our park from others in the area.  Our pricing model is a ‘one price for everything’ model so it is not possible to discern a specific ROI for any specific attraction.  We will certainly be purchasing another bull from MBS for our next park.

Jon A. Cox - Owner / Manager (www.bigairusa.com)

I want to thank you for making my family feel welcome and as though we were a lost part of your family, I am very impressed with our bull the look is as realistic as they come. The ride is VERY realistic as well you have done a fantastic job in building these things. The motor and gearing being on an elliptical base instead of a pivoting base gives the look and ride as though the bull is bucking and kicking, very realistic and as close to the REAL thing as I can find, I have ridden various mechanical bulls and am very impressed with yours. The body and head are the most padded I have come across and my customers love that! We refuse to use any other mechanical bull now, we are so happy as are our customers, we purchased every bell and whistle which allows us to be the DJ, Mechanical Bull and the life of the party!

John Breeden (MrAvailABull.com)

I need to take a minute to thank Mechanical Bull Sales for so many things. First Customer Service — This company is the standard ALL other company’s should follow. They are “Always” there for you. I worked for another company for 4 years running their Bull from another manufacturer. When I decided to start my own business I looked long and hard at all the manufactures, I bought from Mechanical Bull Sales and I am glad I did. The control you have over the bull is incredible . We have had riders ranging in ages from 4 years old to 73 . We can only to this with the Mechanical Bull Sales equipment , If you are considering purchasing a bull then look no further. Quality, price, customer support. Take it from a guy who has operated them all, this is the BEST!

George (Lets Party New England)

I have had multiple bulls and finally get tired of them breaking.  Once I made a commitment to buying the best product available mechanical bull sales was a no brainier.   It is very easy to operate and works great.  I will only buy Bulls from mbs for now on.

Justin Pitt (Shenaniganz)

The bull is a better draw than the dance floor. It’s a show in itself, great fun for everyone.

Randy Charf of "Bushwackers"

  • Not only was this bull realistic looking, it was different…
  • It came in a few boxes but nothing had to be assembled really except putting the body on the shaft, and connecting the power and control cable.  Installation was easy…
  • Four bolts into the ground and we were done.  No special tools, no calling the company for help… it was as simple as plug it in, turn it on and we were on it…
  • We paid off the investment in the bull in the first year.  It was magic…
  • The bull riders experience was so great they recommend it to friends…
  • They appreciate their customers and it shows in every communication we have with them…
  • They have become a very trusted business supplier and we recommend their products to other bars in the province.  We feel strongly that their service and their products are reliable, dependable and honest…

    Anthony Sa (Dirty Dog Saloon)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mechanical Bull Sales for making a great product and standing behind it 100%. Our company has put this product to the test in the past year. We had a problem with the first bull body due to a production flaw in material. Gracienne recognized the flaw and sent a brand new bull body to us in 5 days! I am pretty sure that would not happen with any other bull company. They are easy to talk to and they will always answer your calls. We run this bull in eight states and there’s no comparison with hydraulic bulls. This bull bucks plenty hard, but the best thing is that it is the safest one on the market. We’ve had no injuries and have done over 20,000 rides! I would recommend this product to anyone. Thanks Mechanical Bull Sales for the product and more for the service after the sale. We will be wanting another one soon!

Russell Harrington (8 Seconds Productions, LLC) Alton, MO

I finally found Gracienne at Mechanical Bull Sales…and compared to the other two I had …there is no comparison.

Jeremy Piefer (The Bull Guys)

It’s the safest bull ever. I am so glad I purchase the bull. People love it.

Cotton eyed Joe

I wanted to thank you for your all your help in my process of purchasing a mechanical bull, you contacted me within minutes of my first email to your company and you gave me tons of information about your bull as well as the other companies out there that sell mechanical bulls. Ultimately the time you spent on the phone and emails with me resulted in my decision to purchase one of your mechanical bulls, I knew that your customer service was “top notch”. I couldn’t commit to buying the bull right away as there were many factors involved with my nightclub changing over from a Dance Nightclub to a Country Nightclub, and Gracienne was VERY understanding and was not “pushy” for me to buy from her company at all. Finally, everything got settled and I was able to move forward with purchasing a mechanical and all I can tell you is that her Bulls are THE BEST I’ve ever seen or rode, the Bull is beautiful I’ve only had it 2 weeks and people are loving it, my business has tripled and there’s NO other Mechanical Bull out there I would buy…Gracienne is great and I can’t express my satisfaction with the Bull and her customer service…PS. Everything you get is “top notch”, the matt, controller, blower and of course, THE BULL itself, its sooooo realistic…I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done.

Darrell T.

Alberto Flores – Lone Star Rodeo Professional Mechanical Bull

I started my business 5 years ago with a galaxy, after 4 years I decided it was time to go with something new and that is when I discovered “Mechanical Bull Sales” I took one look at her bull and fell in love, I couldn’t believe how real it looked, and when I got one it was like going from a Toyota to a Cadillac, I am absolutely a very happy customer! In the one year that I have had the mechanical bull sales bull, I found the quality to be much better than the one I had before. I love the fact that I am completely in control, and the fact that I can put children from the age of 2 all the way to professional riders on this “mechanical bull sales” Bull, I even changed my new bull’s name to “Big Buck” in the one year that I have had this bull I have put over 30,000 people on him, my business has gone up significantly since I got him. Thank you so much Gracienne for the professionalism, and kindness you have shown me, When I buy my second Bull it will be from Mechanical Bull Sales!!!!

Lewis A.

They’re fabulous, we’ve been buying since 2005 and sales, parts… without a doubt the best ever. We will keep buying the mechanical bulls…If you are thinking about buying a mechanical bull, get it from Mechanical Bull Sales, you will not be disappointed.

Madeline (Bourbon Cowboy)

I think it was the single best purchase I’ve ever made. I haven’t really even been able to use it as I need to yet because my busy season is just around the corner. The amount of new business it has brought to my venue is great. It has turned a slow summer into a fun fast past crowd that loves the bull.

People come in and see that not only do we have a Bull from www.Mechanicalbullsales.com, but we own it. People couldn’t believe that they can ride it over and over again every weekend. Everyone thought it was going be a one time deal. Thanks to you its avail every weekend and the kids love it. I’m positive just from the small response during the off season that starting in Sept it will be a huge hit. It already is. I think I’ll be looking for my next bull in about 3 months lol.

Thank you so much and thank you for conducting your business so well. You rushed my bull to me so I could have it by a certain date and not only was it there within that time frame. You had it there 4 days after we agreed on the bull. To get such a big piece of machinery shipped thousands of miles away I know took some personal time and effort on your behalf. Thank you again.

Your very happy new customer and friend

William P Kieling III

Dear Gracienne and Team at Mechanicalbullsales.com,

Let me begin by commending you all on a smooth and flawless service that you have provided. From first contact, delivery and product support, I have experienced nothing less than a superior service.

This service extends to a great product, which has conjured not only great feedback, but also a great way of initiating first contact with potential and even existing clients and has been the talking point of some recent trade shows. The phrase “crowd magnet” springs to mind whenever we have rolled the famous and on some occasions infamous POLY BULL.

The bull has displayed a great level of quality and craftsmanship, and has proven durable over the short course of operation. It is also easy to operate and considered as fun for all ages.

Not only the ease of operation, but also the seamless set-up and break-down period have proven an advantage to your product.

Finally I would like to commend you on a great product.

Jim D

I purchased a mechanical bull from Mechanical Bull Sales a year ago and we absolutely love our bull. It looks so realistic and everyone loves it. The bull is very simple to operate and set up. Mechanical Bull Sales also have wonderful customer service and a lot of patience for the customer. Don’t Wait! Call Mechanical Bull Sales.


I purchased a mechanical Bull from Mechanical Bull Sales after having problems with my other Bull. I am very impressed with this unit, it is easy to set up, light, and the inflatable is made very well and strong. The bull body looks real and the motions gives people a fun ride. This unit is safe and enjoyable to use. I would definitely buy another when the time comes from Mechanical Bull sales.


The bull has been a great addition to our business. We have been able to attract new customers and our new and regular customers are having fun. This bull has helped us increase sales. Thank you for your great support. It is a pleasure to do business with you!

Jerry W

Awesome! much more realistic than our viv1 bull. your service is the best in the business. thanks for the service!

Don B

We absolutely love our Mechanical Bulls!!! We were shocked about how not only good looking our Bulls have been, but also the quality of the machines themselves. They are extremely simple to operate and set up, and there is very little maintenance that ever needs to be done on them. That combined with the flexibility and customer service that was provided makes Mechanical Bull Sales.com the only place we will ever buy a mechanical bull from. Thanks for such an amazing creation!!!

Buck Wild Mechanical Bulls LLC

I want to thank you for the Mechanical Bull. We are extremely happy with it and surprised at how close you got it to bucking like a real bull. I would also like to thank you for your patience and wonderful service in getting the Mechanical Bull here and in such good time. We would hope to do business with you again, possibly to purchase that new Mechanical Horse.

Don and Crystal

We purchased a bull in June of 2008 and it did not take more then three weeks until we booked the entire months of July and August. Since then, we have used the bull at a whopping 125 jobs and it runs like it is brand new. The folks at Mechanical Bull Sales where a big help with marketing ideas and service that can not be beat. We already have requests for a second bull since it is the safest and best looking bull around.

Y. Nadoff

We have been using the bull we purchased from you quite regularly. It’s a great success! I have organizations contacting me on a regular basis wanting to schedule our bull.

P. Fallon

I was going to get this out a lot earlier than this but we have been busy, the bull has been great and I am already booking into August. We have openings available yet, but it is definitely great. Quality is a definite plus and people of all ages love to ride it! Thanks again for all of the help and hope to talk to you soon, for possibly another!!!

John R. Lover

I purchased a bull just over one year ago and have used it every day since opening my bar  It is very popular with the tourists who visit Phutet Thailand.
I have needed to replace a small part and must say the service and shipment was extremely efficient and fast.  I would thoroughly recommend the Bull to any potential buyer


Dave Nicholson ( Thailand )

I have been in various businesses for 25 years (11 years in rental). I have dealt with hundreds of
vendors over the years and we have had the full gamut of experiences.

Adding to our previous inventories of mechanical bulls, we have recently purchased two more this
past year from Gracienne of Mechanical Bull Sales Co from Pennsylvania. The product quality is
much better than I had anticipated for the really competitive prices she charges.

However, the attention to service is what really impresses me the most. Gracienne has figured out that when a customer needs something…he needs it “right now”. I would have no reservations recommending Gracienne to anyone considering purchasing anything she may be marketing. Her word is true.

One satisfied customer.

(Visit Paul’s Website Here)

Paul Lambert

All of us here at Fast Laps Indoor Kart Racing wanted a mechanical bull to give the people something to do while waiting to race the karts. It has been a big hit! At least half of the people that come here to race, ride the bull too, and some are coming back just for the bull rides. Sometimes we have to chase the next group of kart racers out of the bull room because everyone in there is having so much fun, it holds up the scheduled kart races, especially if a pretty girl is riding!

People of all ages can ride and girls seem to like it the most. The operator can give a rider an easy ride that last a few minutes or a more difficult ride for just seconds, depending on what the rider asks for. The bull is a party favorite too. Children really love it and are always wanting to ride.

Thanks again for all of your help and such a fine bull.

Glenn Bunch