Mechanical Bull Sales is the only mechanical bull company to be licensed by PBR, (Professional Bull Riders) the world’s foremost bull riding organization with tours throughout the United States, Brazil, Australia, Canada and Mexico. PBR telecasts are seen in 130 countries and territories and translated into 30 languages. This association will reinforce the high quality and reliability of MBS products as well as provide opportunities for add-on sales of PBR branded t-shirts and cowboy hats.



MBS has been in business for nearly 15 years. We focus only on building mechanical bulls, no other product to take away our attention. The design of our bull has been continually improved upon and today incorporates the latest technological advances available. Every part of our mechanical bulls is made in the USA. We ship our bulls anywhere in the USA or anywhere in the world. The culture at MBS is one of honesty, integrity, a commitment to quality, and in always putting the needs of our clients first.

Why do our clients believe our mechanical bulls are superior?

Best Looking Bulls – our pictures don’t give our bulls justice; they simply look like the real thing! As a MBS bull owner you will be proud to have clients ride this bull in any venue from a kids party to an adult function or bar/restaurant. Our bulls will generate more revenue with their flexibility of venue and the excitement and buzz they create!

Innovative Design – MBS/MBS mechanical bulls are the ONLY patented mechanical bulls on the market. Our simple design contains fewer parts leading to fewer problems and lower overall maintenance. Our design provides the most realistic ride of any mechanical bull available. Our bull’s movement is derived from a drive shaft which moves in an elliptical orbit allowing for a bull which bucks, spins and raises and lowers. Other bulls only rock back and forth and spin.
See the following video of our bull movement:

Safety – MBS mechanical bulls are the safest bull available. The head is made of dense foam with silicone horns, the body is comfortably padded, and the control panel has an emergency STOP button. More importantly, the bull’s movement provided by our patented design is such that riders will be thrown off to either side of the bull and not over the head of the bull.

Most Technologically Advanced Bulls – MBS’ Pro-Series control panel provides the industry leading 20 different pre-set motions (electronically programing the bull to have a set movement). There are 5 pre-sets motions each in categories of Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced allowing a fun safe ride regardless whether your client is a child or an experienced bull rider. In addition, there are 5 pre-set motions in the category of Sexy that provide a shimmy and shake popular with the nightclubs.

Durability – MBS bulls are made of the finest parts available; all parts are made in the USA. Our bull body is 100% metal and not fiberglass which can eventually weaken and break. We use a 3.0 hp electric motor which provides ample power for riders of any size or experience. Our mattress is not only glued, but doubled stitched and fire proof for long lasting use.

Responsive Customer Support – Regardless if you are a future or existing client you will be provided with the utmost in customer support and service. Our support team is readily available to quickly address any technical or maintenance issue that may arise.

Portability – MBS’ mechanical bull system weighs approximately 900 pounds. When utilized with our unique portable cart, our bull can be easily taken down or set up in approximately 20 to 30 minutes and moved from venue to venue.

Warranty – MBS provides a 3 year warranty on all parts that are not subject to normal wear and tear. Financing – MBS is the only company that offers in-house BECAUSE OUR CUSTOMERS MATTER! (not through an outside financial company) financing with 50% down and the balance at reasonable interest rates over up to 24 months. Investing in a “MBS” mechanical bull is the right investment for your business!! Our “MBS” bulls will help you generate more revenue faster than any other bull on the market!

Please feel free to call with additional questions you may have (814) 308-0127